Plasan Re’em is focused on continued creativity and innovation, guaranteeing unrivalled levels of engineering excellence. Drawing on decades of experience and data, our highly skilled and flexible specialist teams can tailor customized solutions for every customer.

The pace of innovation in material science, automotive applications and protective systems to overcome evolving threats drives our innovation, creativity and adaptability to always deliver the best possible products.

About CEO Kobi Ben Ari

Kobi Ben Ari learnt about the importance of military armored vehicles while serving with Israel’s Shaldag special forces. After studying mechanical engineering at Ruppin Academic Center, Ben Ari’s experience as an officer developing air-transportable operational vehicles for Shaldag led him to join the armored vehicle company that became Plasan Sasa.

Over the next two decades, Ben Ari became the Vice President of the engineering division and managed an expanding team of about 160 people, as military demand soared for armored, grenade- resistant and mine-resistant vehicles (MRAPs, MTVRs, MATVs, JLTVs, Hawkei, MXTs) around the world.

He pioneered the development of the kitted hull concept, comprising easily portable, externally mounted removable armor systems that can be bolted to the vehicle when greater protection is required. This innovative departure from traditional welding enables the kits to be fitted or removed in the field with basic tools.

He also oversaw development of the iconic SandCat, a strongly armored but economical vehicle, mounting a fully armored hull on an off-the-shelf commercial cab chassis.

Today, as CEO of Plasan Re’em, Ben Ari applies that expertise to a wide range of commercial models, forming adaptable, creative teams to address and conquer each challenge. The aim is to save lives, and that goal drives motivation.


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